NSAU Shield Overdrive


Shield Overdrive

This mode appears whenever you play as the NSAU faction. All NSAU ships and structures that have energy weaponry will have access to shield overdrive.

When activated on a ship or structure, all energy weapons cease to function temporarily because their energy are reallocated into the shield generators. However, this doesn’t affect any non-energy weaponry. In shield overdrive mode, you’ll gain 2x amount of shields every time your ship’s shields charge.

Note: Shield Overdrive works only for ships with energy weaponry. Ships that are unarmed will not have this ability even if they’re NSAU units.

How to use?

Shield Overdrive is a select and toggle effect. First, you’ll have to select the vessels and structures, then click on the Shield Overdrive button or press the ‘[' key to toggle-activate it.

A ship with shield overdrive activated looks like this:


Shield Generation for NSAU Ships and Structures

NSAU ships and structures automatically generate shields uniformly at 1.5% every charge regardless of whether they're stationary or on the move. However, all NSAU crafts are made of a certain carbon-metallic alloy which cannot be repaired in any case.

* Note : Each charge takes roughly 2.5 seconds. Therefore it takes around 168 seconds to fully charge a vessel's shields without Shield Overdrive and about 84 seconds if shield overdrive is switched on. This applies to every NSAU vessel.

Shield Generation for NSAU Fighters and Bombers

NSAU fighters and bombers too automatically generate shields uniformly at 1.5% every charge when deployed. However, when docked in the hangar bay of their respective motherships, shield generation is increased to 8% per charge, allowing the fighters and bombers to quickly generate shields needed for their next deployment.

* Note: Each charge in the hangar takes approximately about 3/4 of a second. It takes only 7.5 seconds for their shields to hit 80% and 10 seconds in total to recharge to 100%.

Repairing NSAU vessels

Unfortunately, all NSAU vessels cannot be repaired. They're made from a special type of carbon-based alloy giving their ships a shiny surface. Though proved to be very tough and has some resistance against the solar winds, its toughness also became its main disadvantage - the inability to be repaired by any means.

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