NSAU Runner

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in NSAU Fighters


Full Model Name: NSAU Resource Delivery Runner

Shields: Light

Armour: Light

Speed: Fast

Weapons: None

Role: Delivery Craft


Runners are created directly within a [NSAU Mobile Refinery] and will always be under the command of one. Its sole purpose is to deliver refined gas back to the nearest [NSAU Stronghold] to exchange for credits. As they’re small in size, it’s easy for the stronghold to accommodate many at the same time without the need to wait for turns.

Known for its speed, it’s believed that it’ll be difficult, if not impossible to intercept this space craft.

The NSAU focus on harvesting and refining first and thus is handled by the [NSAU Mobile Refinery]. The runners simply facilitate the delivery process, allowing the [NSAU Mobile Refinery] to look for new gas patches independently, without the need to expand bases.


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