NSAU (North-South American Union)



One of the other perpetrators of the Final Nuclear War, 300 years have passed since they abandoned Earth and her survivors. With the advent of wormholes, it was a matter of time that we re-establish communications with the NSAU. Unlike the Slavic Sirerians, the NSAU had been more forthcoming in admitting their role in the War.

NSAU Background

After settling down on Mars, they progressed in technology in order to survive against the harsh surface conditions.

Not much is known about their governance. A brief meeting however, revealed that the NSAU have superior technology in shielding and weaponry. Their carbon-composite armour glitters against the reflection of the Sun. Our first contact was established with a man known as Admiral Maximilian Cornelius. This, apparently, is his flagship:



Though diminutive or even skeletal looking, it possesses impressive fire power  for a ship this size. Designed for multi-purpose combat situations, it's able to deal with fighters and other capital ships alike.

Although 300 years has passed since, we're still suspicious of their intents and the Council of Foresight has cautioned against revealing too much of the UNC to the NSAU. We do not know if the Council of Foresight will attempt to charge and try the NSAU population for their war crimes.

Political Overview

Political Overview

The NSAU retains its congress and senate with only 1 change - there's no president. Instead, a council, similar to the Council of Foresight is installed at as a group of individuals exercising the duties of a president. Their capital, Olympus, named after the great mountain on Mars - Olympus Mons, is situated at the foot of this now extinct ancient volcano. Their population mostly consists of what was known as African Americans, Latino and Americans of European descent.

The Outcasts

Like us UNC, the NSAU had major problems with progress not only in the direction of war machines, but also, in the direction of general technology. As such, a group of futurists protested against an increasingly assertive Council, with confrontations that eventually escalated into a civil war. Unable to tolerate further, this group of futurists, known as the Outcasts, staged an bold operation to steal several Lens Frigate for themselves. They succeeded and eventually freed themselves from the NSAU government's control.

It's unknown what the Outcasts did after that - the NSAU populace was never once harassed or attacked by the Outcasts and opinions of them were divided into 2 camps. 1 camp that sympathizes with them and admire their courage, while the other group ban them as a bunch of terrorists.

The Outcast technology was reportedly (source s: NSAU Explorer crew) much more advanced than the NSAU government's. As a result, they were able to maintain an unusual but stable form of ceasefire. It remains to be seen if the Outcasts will prove to be an ally or a foe one day to us UNC.

NSAU Navy and Technology


Foresight - Nothing gets through!

UNC firepower test vs NSAU shield technology

NSAU ships are built from using a carbon composite material that is extremely hard - probably harder than diamonds, but they're not repairable should they be damaged. Therefore, their main defence come from their omni-shields as shown in the screen shot above.

The shields are rounded and projected outwards instead of running along the silhouette of the ships. We do not know if the shields can be combined if several NSAU ships are in close proximity.

As for their weaponry, they utilize mostly precision energy weapons as well as some ballistic missiles in their arsenal. It'd seem that the NSAU, strait-jacketed by the horrors of the Final Nuclear War, have decided to pursue the path of precision as an answer for weapons of mass destruction.

So far, we've only seen a few variants of their impressive laser weaponry. We're not sure how powerful the weapons are and how much more powerful or advanced could their political foes, the Outcasts, be.

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