NSAU Mobile Refinery

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in NSAU Structures


Full Model Name: NSAU Mobile Refinery

Armour: Heavy

Shields: Very Heavy

Weapons: 3x Light Laser Cannons

Role: Self-contained Harvester and Refinery.


NSAU harvests Promethane Gas quite differently from the UNC and the Slavic Sirerians. Instead of building multiple workers, the NSAU rely on their bulky Mobile Refineries to do the job.

A Mobile Refinery is first built at the base and then assigned to gather gas. The mobile refinery will then proceed to refine collected gas.

However, refined product needs to be sent back to the nearest [NSAU Stronghold] in order to complete the harvest.

This therefore requires the use of [NSAU Runners] that can be built within the mobile refinery itself. Runners are automatically launched when the Mobile Refinery has refined up to maximum capacity.


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