NSAU Lens Frigate

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Full Model Name: NSAU Precision Strike Lens Frigate

Shields: Medium-Light

Armour: Medium-Light

Weapons: 2x Light Laser Cannons, 1x Inferno-class Laser Stream, 2x Aeolis Mons Missile Launcher

Hangar Capacity: None

Role: Assault Vessel


These vessels were originally designed as an Assault Starship to secure the local space around Mars. Thus, a slew of weapons were built into the Lens Frigate to beef up its offensive power.

However, the highlight of this frigate is the Lens technology used to power their main primary weapon – the Inferno-class Laser Stream.

Approximately 10 years ago, a group of renegades stole 4 such Frigates from the shipyards on the Mars surface, leading to the formation of the faction known as the “Outcast Renegades”.

Led by technological fanatics who yearned to advanced technology to dangerous levels, they splintered off from the NSAU government and formed their own non-aggressive militia while spending most of their time advancing the already advanced technology onboard the Lens Frigate.

It’s unknown what has transpired since or where the Outcasts have resettled.

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