NSAU Heavy Laser Turret

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in NSAU Structures


Full Model Name: NSAU Heavy Laser Turret

Armour: Medium

Shields: Medium

Weapons: 2x Heavy Laser Cannon

Role: Anti-Starship Defense Structure


As NSAU structures began to populate the space around Mars, it’s evident that there will not be sufficient ships to protect all key installations at the same time. However, even so, the NSAU Council isn’t willing to commit or commission more weapon designs or structures designed to protect against various threats.

An initial assessment revealed that the most likely threats will be from the Outcast Renegades who possesses advanced starships. Therefore, the Heavy Laser Turret is designated as the primary defence structure to protect NSAU structures from attacks.

The turret is mobile, allow it to be shifted to remote locations as required. However, it requires a substantial amount of power and usually needs a [NSAU Gravity-Power Generator] to accompany it so as to keep it powered.

The 2 Heavy Laser Batteries mounted are equipped with an advanced cooling system, allowing it to fire a lot more shots in a very short amount of time. Its firepower is more than capable of overwhelming the enemy, turning them to smithereens in seconds.


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