NSAU Gravity-Power Generator

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in NSAU Structures


Full Model Name: NSAU Mobile Gravity-Induction Power Generator

Armour: Light

Shields: Medium

Weapons: None

Role: Localized Power Plant


NSAU technology has allowed power to be decentralized across their ranks. While only applicable to structures, the Gravity Induction Power Generator is mobile and therefore can be moved to generator power for remote structures.

Each NSAU structure is built with a metallic core in the center. The Power Generator releases periodic gravity waves which induces heat by influencing its core. The heat is then used to generator power for the structure itself.

Decentralizing power however, requires the commander to be mindful of the power needs of each structure and will have to mobilize additional power generators to help out.

The advantage of course, is the ability to move certain structures into remote locations without the need to expand bases. This allows the commander to customize static defenses without the base proximity constraint.

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