NSAU Explorer

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in NSAU Ships


Full Model Name: NSAU Interstellar Space Explorer

Shields: Light

Armour: Light

Weapons: None

Role: Intelligence Gathering Unit


Our first encounter with our long lost brothers – the NSAU, was between a [UNC Scout] of ours and an Explorer of theirs.

While we were impressed, at the same time, we’re vary of their technological progress. Sleek, fast and elegant, it’s hard to imagine how a small ship like this could send information across wormholes.

The thing which impressed us the most is their shield technology. The ability to absorb any form of firepower and radiation is most impressive.

We were also told that their shield technology was initially developed to allow colony settlement on Mars’ surface to be  possible. Which otherwise, will expose them to harsh radiation from the Sun due to a thin atmosphere.


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