NSAU Deck Cruiser

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Full Model Name: NSAU Deck Cruiser

Shields: Medium-Heavy

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Weapons: 1x Heavy Laser Cannon, 2x Light Laser Cannons

Hangar Capacity: 8

Role: Carrier Support Vessel


The oldest ship surviving spaceship model since the NSAU settled on Mars. The deck cruiser has been the staple unit for all NSAU government fleets. Heavily shielded, armoured and armed, it’s usually more than enough to defend against potential aggressors.

However, sporadic non-fatal skirmishes with the Outcast Renegades meant that the Deck Cruiser hasn’t seen a true space battle yet.

As a support vessel, the Deck Cruiser is the only ship in the NSAU navy to have a hangar. With a capacity of 8, it hosts NSAU Fighters within and can help turn the tide of the battle.

Its main armament – the Heavy Laser Cannon serves as an artillery-style kind of gun to assist with the attack, while the smaller Light Laser Cannons serve as anti-fighter weaponry.

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