Micron / Micro Laser

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Full Weapon Name: Micron Laser (light blue) / Micro Laser (light purple)

Damage: Very Light / Light

Speed: Immediate

Range: Short / Medium

After-effects: None


The NSAU weaponry scientists had long proposed a kind of laser that is clean, efficient and pushes the laser technology to its limits. For some reasons unknown, the NSAU Council of Foresight has vehemently opposed such plans without reason or explanation.

As the Outcast broke free from the NSAU government, they immediately started the research on a focused beam laser technology which is later known as the Micron and Micro Laser beams.

The crux of this weapon family is the immediate contact capability; there’s no more need to aim or lead enemy targets. Thus, this weapon has the potential to be the deadliest anti-fighter weapon of all time.

However, for every advantage, there’ll be a disadvantage. The Micron and Micro Laser beams may be absolute; but their damage is significantly lower than laser bolts or stream lasers.

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