Laser Bolts

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A-Light_Laser_Bolt B-Medium_Laser_Bolt C-Heavy_Laser_Bolt

Full Weapon Name: Light/Medium/Heavy Laser Bolt

Damage: Light / Medium / Heavy

Speed: Fast / Fast / Fast

Range: Short / Medium / Long

After-effects: None


Laser bolts has long been a standard weaponry of the NSAU government. Used primarily for small arms issued to local police, a standard version was then developed for fighters and starships.

The laser bolt is a clean and efficient technology, requiring no medium as the projectile and no additional materials to help burn itself out; as an energy weapon, it’ll naturally dissipate when it runs out of it.

All laser bolt variants behave in the same manner; upon hitting the target surface, it transfer various types of energy damage to a ship, forcing its material to either dissipate or to heat up till it melts, thus earning its reputation for being deadly.

Shortly before the Outcasts broke away from the NSAU government, the NSAU Council of Foresight finally relented and allowed further research into an artillery-capable variant of the laser bolt.

This was later renamed as the Heavy Laser Bolt and is fitted into the NSAU government’s [Heavy Laser Turrets] for defence against potential enemy starships.

The Outcasts originally wanted to develop a Medium-variant to be fitted onto larger warships; both proposals were swiftly struck down by the Council. This, on top of other factors, drove the Outcasts to a point of rebellion.

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