Present day. Earth. Our sanctuary, our home.


Since the beginning of time, humanity has been fated to divide and unite in never-ending cycles. In our pursuit of power, again and again we engineer our own destruction. This cycle of division began with nothing but an misunderstanding.

War. Armed with technology and nuclear arsenals, nations of superpowers status launched their nuclear warheads against one another, ensuring total destruction.


Technology… once revered as the solution for the future, did to us unimaginable things. Entire cities with billions of people were wiped out in  an instant. The nuclear fallout irradiated our lands, rendering it useless and dangerous for human dwellings.


Those who were guilty fled in fear of punishment and certain oppression, abandoning the survivors and the innocent. Earth was scarred beyond the point of recovery. Only a small cluster of lands once known as the South-East Asia remain habitable for now.

The survivors gathered and rebuilt civilization. Nations were abolished, weapons of mass destruction were destroyed and banned indefinitely. After which, they established the beginning of a new era; humans will now be known as the United Nations Confederation (UNC).

However, Earth … is dying. Humanity may soon need a new home, a new planet where we all humans will cherish and protect. Never again will we ever endeavour in such foolish struggles over petty gains. In order to ensure that humanity remembers this very painful lesson, a Council was established at the same time to keep the Confederation in check.

This council, is known as the Council of Foresight….

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