Incendiary Mass Driver

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Mass Drivers


Full Weapon Name: Incendiary Mass Driver

Damage: Medium

Speed: Fast

Range: Medium-Long

After-effects: Spot Conflagration


The incendiary mass driver was designed to deliver a morale crippling blow to the enemy. Coated with chemicals and materials that burn slower than usual, the expended rounds deal damage in 2 stages.

Firstly, when the target is hit, the round penetrates into the hull of the enemy ship. Though not armour piercing, its role is to create a groove for the next stage.

Secondly, once the round has disintegrated, it explodes its incendiary chemicals onto the target surface along with gases for combustion. The chemicals then ignite into flames, dealing damage on the spot of the target for a period of time.

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