Heavy Mass Drivers

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Mass Drivers


Full Weapon Name: Heavy Mass Driver

Damage: Heavy

Speed: Medium

Range: Long

After-effects: None


Designed as a big brother to the [Standard Mass Driver], it’s the standard fore weapons being mounted on the [UNC Destroyer]. The Heavy Mass Driver, as the name suggests, have greater metallic mass and thus deals greater damage.

However, it’s also built with a small impact-triggered detonator which causes a small explosion whenever an enemy is hit by it. The explosion resembles a hit impact from a [Phoenix Missile] which can stun ship crews or even render them unconscious for a while.

Its appearance, other than its obvious larger size,  is almost exactly the same as the standard mass driver with the exception that they’re fired red-hot and slowly cools off as it leaves the firer.

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