Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This page is for users who have downloaded the Foresight standalone installer. The installer has since been taken down as it no longer represents the latest version of Foresight. If you’ve already purchased Foresight from Steam, then this page is not for you.


This page contains the links to different several FAQs that addresses certain types of issue in detail. Please read through these FAQ before going into the self-help kiosk.

Installation FAQs

Foresight Demo uses Windows Installer (MSI) to install itself onto your machine. The following FAQs may help you with possible installation issues. Please note that while this FAQ is primarily for the demo installer, it'll remain relevant unless changes were made to the installation program.

  1. I'm unable to download the demo!
    • Please check if you've clicked on the right link for download. The link is provided in this page [here]
    • Please ensure that you sufficient administration rights to download an installer as well as the rights to install new programs.
  2. I've download the demo, but it can't be run.
    • Please ensure that the downloaded installer size is at 1.4GB (1,434,983,424 bytes). An incorrect installer file size may indicate an incomplete or corrupted download.
    • Please ensure that you have sufficient privileges to both download and install the Demo.
    • For older machines, there's a need to ensure that your Windows Installer is at version 3.0. You may want to update to the latest Windows Installer from MSDN. This shouldn't concern those who are using Windows 7 and above.
    • Please ensure that you have sufficient HDD space in C drive as well as the installation drive.
  3. The demo installer can run but it takes a long time to start up.
    • This is an expected behaviour unless it goes beyond 1-2 minutes or freezes indefinitely without any activities.
  4. The demo installer tried to run but failed to do so after some time.
    • Please close all existing applications temporarily before installation so that the installer can work without possible hindrance.
    • Please temporarily suspend your anti-virus or anti-spyware to allow the installer to run. If you are concerned, please scan the installer before running and scan the game directory AFTER installation.
  5. The demo installer installed Foresight Demo onto my machine but ended installation with error messages.
    • Please ensure that the downloaded installer size is at 1.4GB (1,434,983,424 bytes). An incorrect installer file size may indicate an incomplete or corrupted download.
    • Please ensure that you have sufficient privileges to both download and install the Demo.
    • Try running Foresight Demo to see if it works properly or not. If not, please do a check up on your installation drive and repair the installation by double-clicking on the installer itself.
  6. When I tried to run the demo, it pops up a window telling me that my version of OS isn't supported.
    • Please update your Windows.
    • Foresight Demo is a 32-bit executable, but it's supported on both 32/64 bits Windows operating systems (except Servers). We support:
      • Windows XP operating system (32-bits or 64-bits)
      • Windows Vista operating system (32-bits or 64-bits)
      • Windows 7 operating system (32-bits or 64-bits) 
      • Windows 8 operating system (32-bits or 64-bits) 

Running Foresight the first time - FAQs

Foresight Demo requires 2 major components in order to run. The first is the CRT runtime dynamic libraries which are included in the installer and is installed automatically for you. The second, is DirectX 9.0c. While we know that from Windows Vista onwards, DirectX goes into version 10 and 11, there were updates made for DirectX 9 alone. Please understand that these versions are not incremental. DirectX 9 is the final version Windows XP can support and is completely different from DirectX 10 onwards.

  1. When I tried to run Foresight Demo executable, it gave me a message that the Rendering/Audio/Input API cannot be loaded.
    • Please ensure that the installation had succeeded without any serious error messages and that the installation directory was never tampered with.
    • Please ensure that you have DirectX 9 installed. As we're not allowed to distribute DirectX libraries, you'll have to download dxwebsetup.exe from MSDN to auto-update the entire API.
    • Foresight requires a sound card to be functional. Without a sound device, the game will not run.
  2. Foresight Demo managed to run but remained in Windowed mode. Why is it so?
    • It has come to our attention that performing an uninstallation and installing Foresight onto the same directory will have certain issues for this Demo. To ratify this, let the game load up. Go to Options and manually select the display resolution. Once you apply, the game will automatically switch to full screen mode.
    • Please ensure that the installation directory has write permissions. Without it, the configuration file cannot be saved. The game may first start up in full screen but subsequent runs will be in windowed mode.
  3. My firewall / Windows firewall blocker popup asking me for permission to allow Foresight to access.
    • This is an expected behaviour. Foresight Demo is primarily a local game however Foresight itself can be played as a multiplayer game as well; it's made to load the network dynamic library which will initialize basic objects prior to a multiplayer game. Please note however, Foresight Demo does not have  any skirmish maps and thus multiplayer cannot be played at this moment. This may however, change, if there're sufficient requests to release some maps for players to try. Therefore, please allow Foresight to be added into your firewall's exception list.
  4. Foresight loads up very slowly....
    • Our tests for the current demo shows that a Western Digital Blue HD, with 4 GB RAM running on Windows 7 64-bits powered by a Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU takes up to 25 seconds to load. We do apologize if that is too long of a delay for you. Foresight was designed in a way that the most of the core assets will be loaded by the time the game reaches the main menu. This will eventually reduce the amount of time required between missions or between game sessions.
    • There're ways to reduce loading times:
      • Close all applications before running Foresight
      • If that's not possible as they're services, try to suspend them before running Foresight.
      • Please note that for a 4GB system, it's still required to have Virtual Memory. As applications take up memory, it'll eventually trigger the use of Virtual Memory, which in turn, slows down any applications loading data.
      • If you have sufficient RAM, ie, 8GB, you may want to consider switching OFF the Virtual Memory altogether. This ensures that your assigned Virtual Memory disk will not be accessed and thus improve overall loading time.
      • Close all non-essential applications. Some programs might take more memory if left open for long periods even when it's not in focus.
      • Virus Scans, scheduled disk defragmentation, automated disk backup if disk space is low or HDD compression can greatly affect the load performance times. Please ensure that these processes aren't running when you start Foresight.
    • Caution: We do not recommend Foresight Demo to be installed onto a Solid State Disk. SSDs have limited number of times it can write and Foresight Demo does in fact, write a lot of log data to assist developers in an event of a crash.

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