Automation and Fleets


Foresight is a highly automated game with units have a fair amount of initiative to act independently and responsibly. This allows the player to focus on important things such as:

  1. Strategizing
  2. Monitoring the enemy
  3. Communicating with fleet commanders
  4. Organizing base defenses

We've removed the need to micro-manage certain elements in the game such as:

  • Specific assignment of harvesters per gas patch.
  • Manual assignment of fighters and bombers to their respective motherships
  • The need to remember how many production facilities you have and which of them has the least load.

For more details on Automated Initiative, click [here].


It's almost customary for any Real-Time Strategy games to have unit grouping. Foresight certainly did not and will not disappoint. However, we've added a whole new level on top of just having unit groups. Introducing .. Fleets.

What is a fleet?

  • A fleet is made up of at least ONE ship and ONE fleet commander of your choice.



  • A fleet commander communicates his/her requests with you for your approval. Fleet commanders have their own artificial intelligence.
  • A fleet is an extension of your command* and has a certain degree of autonomy and independence.
  • A fleet can receive orders from remote locations. All other ships can only do so within a certain command radius.


  • A fleet can be given specific patrol or routes of advancement across multiple sectors based on your designation.
  • A fleet advisor can be assigned to augment the fleet's capability and foresee any potential threats ahead.

Extension of command literally means having more units than your rank allows. To understand more about fleets, click [here]

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