Fleet Flank Attack

Flank attack or attacking from behind is one of the preferred means of achieving total victory.

In Foresight, most ships cannot turn around fast or fire backwards and will most likely take some punishment before they’re able to retaliate. Even with an inferior fleet, victory is possible simply because of that briefing advantage gained when you appear behind their flanks.

In Foresight, there’s 2 types of flank attack:

1) Local area flank attack
2) Sector flank attack

Local area flank attack

Simply navigate your fleet along the corners of the sector, ensuring that the enemy can’t see you along your flank path, gather your fleet into a single spot first.

You can achieve that with ship groups as well. Press CTRL and Right-Click on the spot to gather. Ships will automatically disperse (due to cluttering) by order when they arrive.


You could also press or SHIFT+X to gather or scatter respectively.


Ships in a fleet scatter around their fleet commander. Ships that are fleet-less will scatter around a calculated centre pivot point instead.

Remember to maintain a low profile; having a huge fleet with large but slow moving ships makes much harder for a flank attack to be successful locally. This means, fighter patrols should be recalled; eliminate unnecessary movements and travel as closely together as possible.

Once you’ve arrived at a strategically advantageous position, do not attack immediately. Instead, scout around the area, identify targets of worth before striking.

Remember, you still have direct control over the fleets, albeit not in the micro-management level, you can still launch their bombers at a target, while your fleet attacks another target. Bombers will also help scatter enemy fire and temporarily distract them from attacking your fleet directly.

Sector flank attack

Instead of entering the enemy sector along the shortest path possible, find a route around that leads to the flanks or rear of your enemy. Officers with high levels of leadership can sometimes request for a flank attack as well.

Fleets can be given a command to move a specific route. See [Moving Fleets] for more details. With luck, your fleet can enter from the rear where it’s lightly or not guarded at all, and launch your surprise attack on your hapless enemy.

Remember, intelligence gathering is first and foremost the most important element and should be conducted before attempt such an attack. Otherwise your enemy might counter-flank your fleet with an ambush!



Example: If I want to flank attack Sector 0 from Sector 2, I’ll need to go around  via Sector 3 and Sector 1, then enter from the rear wormhole.

To reiterate – customized flight plan doesn’t move the fleet to the center of the sector when they arrive. This makes it easier to control and less likely to wander into enemy fortifications.

Once you’re inside, you can begin your attack directly or perform a local area flank before attacking. Flank attacks may not always contain the element of surprise. This is largely due to the fact that the enemy would have known that you’ll be coming from either wormholes anyway.

However, you could force or fool the enemy into thinking that you’ll be attacking directly, luring his fleets and static defences away from the surprise attack. Once that happens, your secret strike force can quickly go around and penetrate from a potentially weak spot.

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