Fleet Direct Attack

Fleet Assaults or attacking targets with a fleet is very easy.

Direct Attack

Step 1: Select a fleet

Obviously, we’ve to start by selecting a fleet. If you do not have a fleet and do not know how to create one, please read this page first [Creating a fleet].


Step 2: Select a visible target or position in a sector


Fleets are allowed to be assigned targets located at remote sectors. The fleet panel will correspond accordingly and will automatically plan a route that leads to the target.

Step 3: Monitor and observe the attack

Depending on the characteristics of the officer in charge, ie, the Fleet Commander, there will be some variations as to how attacks will be conducted. Most commanders will not hesitate to commit bombers (if available) into the battle. Therefore, it’s important to have some knowledge of the commanders in charge before sending them out for an assault mission

To get the best out of fleets during an attack, do the following:

  1. Ensure that you support your fleets with your own intelligence gathering units as well.
  2. Equip your fleets well. Make sure they’ve as many fighters and bombers as possible.
  3. Have the right mix of anti-fighter, anti-starship and anti-structure ships. In some cases, it’s wiser to have just 1 type instead.

For fleets to have higher odds of survival, ensure the following is done (more or less):

  1. Shorten your supply lines to your fleet. You don’t have to feed them but you’ll still need to reinforce them with more ships, fighters and bombers. The longer the supply line, the more vulnerable your fleet become.
  2. Keep your fleets healthy. Repair, rejuvenate or recharge as necessary.
  3. Always have your own scouts (not your fleet’s scouts) explore the path they’re going to take. Early warning is always better than no warning at all.
  4. Choose your battles wisely (and as early as possible). Do not go up against unbeatable odds.

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Being able to attack the enemy’s flanks and rear is one of the hallmarks of Foresight where you’ll gain true advantage if you can pull it off. Learn more on how you can pull off a flank attack on your enemies.

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