Fleet Commander’s Ship Requests

Once a fleet has been created, its Fleet Commander will have an active artificial intelligence running behind. At some point in time, they’ll start making requests for ships, fighters and/or scouts.


Typically, a fleet commander will choose to beef up his fleet before considering other course of actions. This is by the commander’s nature and may differ between officers to officers. As you can see, there’s a tick and cross button for your decision to make. You can always reject your commander’s requests; there’ll be no emotional or morale costs attached for a rejection.

It’s your call to approve or reject requests; afterall the onus is on the player (YOU) to build up the fleet. A Fleet Commander can only assist by suggesting; it will not have the authority to overwrite your command.

Upon Approval

Foresight will automatically search for the nearest shipyard and insert an order to build the requested vessel automatically. Do note, while the new vessel is under construction, its initial command point requirements are borne by the player (YOU) first. Upon completion, the vessel is then automatically transferred over to the fleet and thus relieving the player (YOU) of the command points.



Note: At this point, you bear the command points for building the UNC Carrier which costs 5 points. This is only temporary.

How much will the Fleet Commander ask for?

Typically, a commander will seek to build up his/her fleet using all available command points. After that, the commander might start to ask for fightersbombers or scout vessels for reconnaissance. Fleet requests are generally calculated requests, taking into account the availability of funds and infrastructure for the possible fulfilment of the request. Some commanders may occasionally demand unconventional type of ships. Again it’s up to you to decide what kind of fleet to build up.


Note: As the UNC Carrier leaves the shipyard, it’s already assigned to Fleet 1 as planned. The player’s command points remains at 1/24.

Next – Moving Fleets

Every fleet commander will assist you in building up his/her fleet. At the end of it, they’ll transition from ship requests to action requests. But right now, we’ll head into another topic first – moving fleets.

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If you want to find out more on how to select a fleet first, you can visit this page [Fleet Selection]

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