Fleet Ambush

In Foresight, an ambush can be laid without being detected by the enemy. With a fleet, not too large a size, you can hide your forces in a sector without being seen by setting the fleet to [dormant mode].

Step 1: Find a suitable location

Since the enemy can come from any of the possible 4 wormholes in a sector, there’s barely any large patches of space where you can hide. Hiding in [Promethane Gas Patches] may be possible only for smaller ships. But it comes at a risk. Since Promethane Gas are usually unstable and is volatile when there’s an impact by projectiles, damaging an area. For larger fleets, it’s best to hide at the corners of a sector.

Step 2: Go into Dormant mode

Once in dormant mode, your ships will not be visible on the enemy’s mini map. That’s unless you’ve been discovered by enemy scouts first. With dormant mode however, it’s likely you’ll discover your enemies first before they do. Do remember however, not to request for reinforcements or approve ship requests; that will only give the location of your fleet away.

Remember that dormant mode has a cool-down time in which you’ll not be able to control your fleet and they won’t be able to respond during the transition period.


Note: Those blue beams aren’t weapons or projectiles; they’re radar scan lines whose primary colour is based on the player’s IFF.

Step 3: Spring the trap!

Choose your targets wisely. Do not attempt to go after ships that can outrun yours. Not only will you lose your element of surprise, you’ll also give away your position and fleet size; allowing the enemy to quickly organize a counter-attack against you.

Having fighters and bombers onboard can make a huge difference since they can:

  1. Launch while the capital ships are still in dormant mode.
  2. Much more effective in attacking moving targets.
  3. Likely be doing their attack runs from behind or by the side, inflicting more damage than normal capital ships do.

Therefore, large capital ships may not be suitable for an ambush other than the fighters and bombers onboard.

For light capital ships, such as [UNC Gunship], their light fire power and agility makes them favourites for an ambush. However, they’re relatively lightly armoured and the hunter may easily turn the hunted should the enemy decide to turn around and fight.

One last note – The amount of time taken for every transition to/from Dormant mode is roughly about 10 seconds. Thus, plan your ambush well, strike hard and fast.

Step 4: Run!

It’s likely that your enemy will send reinforcements to help. If you do not finish your attack soon, there’s a chance of being caught in between two enemy fleets. Upon which, your initial advantage will quickly turn into a disadvantage.

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Status effects are after effects left behind even after the weapon, projectile or energy has expired. Some effects can kill, others can kill fast. Therefore, understanding these effects lead to better judgement in the field.

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