Fighters and Bombers


Fighters and bombers are an integral part of Foresight’s gameplay. They’re small, usually fast and nimble and could possess immense fire-power. They could potentially turn the tides of battle.

Although they’re relatively cheap to produce, they’re extremely vulnerable to enemy fire and can perish easily if they’re deployed poorly.

How To Use

All ships with a hangar are given options to:


  1. Launch fighter patrol
  2. Launch a bombing run against a target
  3. Recall fighter patrol
  4. Recall a bombing run

These operations are the direct commands a player can assign to fighters and bombers. Bombers will need an additional information – their target ship, in order to start their bombing run.


Fighters and Bombers cannot be micro-managed; therefore reliving the need for players to “catch and control” each and every fighter. They’re always on the move and performs attack runs  on large targets or engage in a dogfight when it comes to fighter engagements.

Bombers specifically do a bombing run, but they require a clear line of sight to fire their weapons and will minimize collateral damage to other targets nearby as much as possible. Once the target is destroyed, bombers automatically return to their respective motherships for repairs(1) and reload.

Fighters on the other hand, by default, assumes combat space patrol in which they patrol around the mothership they belong to and will engage enemy fighters and bombers as their priority. Fighters can also be made to support an attack if the mothership is given a target.



All fighters and bombers are constructed at ship production facilities alongside larger capital ships. However, they cannot be constructed directly; they must be requested from a capital ship that can accommodate the fighter/bomber.(2)

Upon a successful request, a fighter/bomber of choice is queued automatically into the ship production structure nearest to the requesting mothership. Only then will construction commence. Fighters/bombers do not take up any command points; you’re free to request as many as the ship’s hangars can accommodate.


Once the fighter/bomber is completed, the craft automatically finds its way to its mothership even when she’s at a remote location. During this period, the craft is vulnerable and cannot fight back. Therefore, if you can afford it, return to a base sector first before requesting for additional fighters or bombers.

Unexpected Events

In a war, things can happen unpredictably. Motherships can perish long before a requested fighter or bomber reaches her hangar. In such a scenario, the fighter/bomber will automatically seek out a new mothership in the current sector.

Fighters and bombers that are currently on an attack run will continue their mission; the death of their mothership doesn’t warrant an instant death.

However, should their mission be finished (regardless of it being complete or incomplete), they’ll start to lose fuel and eventually be destroyed in a matter of seconds. It’s imperative to find an empty vessel that can accommodate these orphan fighters as soon as possible. Reassignment is entirely automatic.

(1) Repairs do not apply all factions.
(2) Some capital ships have a hangar that can house fighters and bombers but they have limited capacity.

Additional Bonuses

Every fighter (not bomber) registered with a starship increases her sight radius by 10% up till 100%.

Do note that only deployed bombers can reveal the map; fighters are not able to do so.

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