Dormant Mode



Dormant mode is a new type of RTS gameplay mechanism with the sole objective of extending the sight radius of a ship. Capital ships with sufficiently sophisticated radar or sensors can redirect all their power into it to boost its effectiveness.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Going into Dormant mode has several penalties, some temporary, some persistent as long as dormant mode is switched on.


  1. Upon entering dormant mode, your ship is no longer detectable on your enemies’ minimap, although they can still be picked up by enemy scouts or visually by enemy ships that are nearby.
  2. Sight Radius of the ship is increased 2x, allowing ships to detect enemies way before they detect the ship.
  3. When sight radius is increased, it’ll also increase the engagement range of other ships (that are not in dormant mode).


  1. There’s a rough transition time of 10 seconds in which the ship transfers all its available power to its sensory systems. During this period, the ship can no longer move or fire.
  2. The same occurs when a ship recovers from dormant mode back to normal mode.
  3. Shielded ships lose all their shields temporarily when in dormant mode. Upon returning to normal mode, they’ll restore the same amount of shields they had right before going into dormant.


Do note that both fighters and bombers can still be launched as per normal, paving the way for fighters/bombers ambush to take place.

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