Crimson Lancer Stream Laser

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Energy Weapons


Full Weapon Name: Crimson-class Stream Laser

Damage: Very Heavy

Speed: Very Fast

Range: Very Long

After-effects: None


The final iteration of the Stream Laser ends with this Crimson-class Stream Laser. Built to be the ultimate laser artillery, it’s the ultimate weapon for siege warfare.

Like all its predecessors, it requires up to 10 seconds to charge up before it can be fired.

Named after its crimson appearance, the stream can overwhelm most enemy defences and armour. With the appearance of wormholes and the increased aggressiveness from the NSAU government, this weapon will come in handy sooner or later.

The Crimson-class Stream Laser has penetration properties and will pierce through weak targets, destroying them in the process.

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