Creating a Fleet

Introduction (Reiterated)

Reiteration: A fleet is a semi-autonomous group of ships that requires at least 1 officer to take charge. A fleet is also an extension of your command. With fleets, your forces can grow far beyond your original command allows. This is because, ships being assigned to the fleet, while technically under your indirect command; it no longer takes up your command points. This is instead, borne by the officer assigned as the fleet commander.

In Foresight, you can have as many as 5 Fleets.


If you do not understand officers and recruitment of officers, please see [Understanding Officers] first.

Quick Create (3-steps)

Note: Applies to Version 1.01 and above only.

Step 1:

Move the officers you want to appoint to their destination to-be flagship.


Step 2:

Select your ship and press P or Click on the Personnel Button personnel_button

Step 3:


Click on the Fleet Commander button and the game automatically does the following:

  1. Find the highest ranking officer in a group residing in a ship that doesn’t have:
    1. The player commander (YOU)
    2. Another fleet commander
    3. Another fleet advisor
    4. Ship doesn’t belong to any fleet.
  2. Checks that you don’t already have 5 fleets.
  3. Creates a fleet with this commander.

Quick-Creation with a group of ships

By default, when a group of ships are selected, it’s assumed that those ships, if qualified, will be part of the new fleet. Therefore, if you’ve selected a group of ships that belongs to multiple fleets, you’ll be reassigning them (except their Fleet Commander and/or Fleet Advisor flagships) to the new fleet.

On top of that, you cannot reassign (promote) an Fleet Advisor to a Fleet Commander with Quick Create. This is to avoid any accidental reassignment, leading to confusion and unintended consequences.

Fleet Created


Once a fleet is created, the location of the fleet commander is shown as a yellow star. The fleet advisor is depicted by a blue thinking hat.

4-Fleet with Strategic Command View


Note: This is an actual in-game screenshot taken during the 3rd (NSAU) Campaign. Which explains why the user interface looks different from the UNC’s.

Next >>> [Assigning Ships to a Fleet] or read on to know how to create a fleet the “standard” way.

Standard way of creating a fleet

The standard way of creating a fleet involves quite a few steps. The first 2 steps of Quick Create still apply.

But at the 3rd step, click on the portrait of the officer you wish to appoint as Fleet Commander instead.


Difference compared to Quick Create

You can hand pick your Fleet Commander (ie, groom a particular officer) and give opportunities to lower ranking Officers. Quick Create automatically picks one who has the highest rank to be the Fleet Commander so as to give the player (YOU) more command and thus, a larger overall force.

You can reassign the Fleet Commander with another officer or promote the Fleet Advisor instead.

Lastly, you’ll be able to continue to manage your officers prior to appointment. Please note that once you’ve appointed them as Fleet Commanders or Fleet Advisors, they’ll be given the rights to move around as they deem fit.

Next >>> [Assigning Ships to a Fleet]

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