Council of Foresight


The Council of Foresight was established at the same time as the United Nations Confederation was. Its sole purpose is to be the protector, the morale and spiritual compass of humanity. As such, it has powers to keep the UNC in check.

Every major decision that affects humanity will require their blessings in order to proceed.

The following tenets were declared:

  1. Humanity should only survive on technology they need.
  2. Human intelligence is more highly regarded than technology itself; being over reliant on technology is self-defeating.
  3. Technological advancement is only permitted if that particular technology is vital to the survival of humanity.
  4. Advanced vessel, battle units and weaponry are banned unless Tenet #3 is violated.
  5. All levels of diplomacy must be exhausted before War can be considered. And the enemy must make the first strike before we can retaliate.

The Council is known to be mysterious and extremely conservative. Most of all, they’re war-adverse and would even tolerate loss of civilian lives to avoid going into a full scale war. However, rumours has it that the Council is as ruthless as it is conservative. Many competent commanders who at best, committed a minor violation of Foresight values, was demoted and reassigned to non-military roles.

No one knows who is on the Council and no one decides who is to be on the Council either. The Council elects its own member and its proceedings were never made public.

Though constitutionally powerless, the Council yields considerable indirect powers over every UNC citizen and promotes its Foresight tenets very aggressively.

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