Outcast Stream Laser Turret

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Full Model Name: Outcast Stream Laser Turret

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Shields: Heavy

Weapons: 1x Disintegrator-class Stream Laser

Role: Multi-Role Defence Structure


Before things turned sour, the Outcasts once informed the NSAU Council of Foresight that the existing [NSAU Heavy Laser Turret] wasn’t sufficient to hold off an attack from a sizeable enemy fleet.

This was demonstrated in an NSAU naval exercise where 4 heavy turrets couldn’t even breach the combined shields of the exercise fleet. However, the Council remained adamant about the turret’s capabilities and ignored calls for a better Anti-Starship turret design.

When the Outcast finally broke off from the NSAU government, they’ve decided to design one such turret, hoping that it may save them from certain disaster one day.

The Disintegrator-class Stream Laser mounted on the turret is super-charged with massive amounts of energy to increase the firing duration of the weapon, thereby increasing the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

Unlike the [NSAU Heavy Laser Turret], it doesn’t appear to overwhelm the enemy, but it does in reality, deal a lot more damage that it appears. Due to its immense energy requirements, the Stream Laser Turret is immobile.


Outcast Micro Laser Turret

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Full Model Name: Outcast Micro Laser Turret

Armour: Light

Shields: Medium

Weapons: 1x Micro Laser Battery

Role: Anti-Fighter Defense Structure


Before the Outcasts turned against the NSAU government, it’s said that they had a major debate on whether or not to have an extremely precise weapon that is clean and powerful at the same time.

The Micron Laser and Micro Laser technology were designed specifically to stay within the tenets of Foresight. While destructive, it doesn’t cause unnecessary mass destruction.

However, the NSAU Council of Foresight were appalled even at the slightest idea of weaponry advancement. After the Outcast broke off from the NSAU government, one of the first things they did was to design a defensive micro laser turret capable of defending themselves against harassment from [NSAU Fighters].

Armed with the Micro Laser technology, it’s impossible for any fighters to avoid being damaged once it’s being targeted by the turret.

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