Bacteria Spray

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Full Weapon Name: Bacteria Spray

Damage: Light

Speed: Medium

Range: Medium

After-effects: Bacterial Infestation


The bacteria spray resembles somewhat like a flame-thrower weapon. However, it’s actually thick with corrosive bacteria which can inflict heavy damage over time.

Fired by the [Slavic Sirerian Liquidator], it’s main purpose is to take down enemy fighters with its sprays.

The Bacteria Spray has a large collision area and can affect many ships at once with its corrosive effect. As such, this weapon is effective even against enemy starships and structures.

However, due to the same large collision area, it’s often blocked by the dead enemy ships hull in front instead, absorbing its damage in the process.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“Some flies simply don’t deserve our efforts to aim at… “

Bacteria Shot

A variant of Bacteria Spray, it’s the secondary weapon of [Sirerian Pulverizer] and is a scaled down version of the full weapon. However, the shot-variant can be fired fast and wide, allowing the bomber to achieve a frustum bombardment zone.

Damage: Light

Speed: Fast

Range: Short-Medium

After-effects: None


The Pulverizer fires this weapon like in a scattering manner, spread death and destruction over a large area. It’s deadly towards structures, ships and  fighters who happen to be caught in between the wide arc of fire.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“Like a spider web, we ensnare our enemies… desperation sets in as the Pulverizer rained death upon them… “


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