Bacteria Capsule

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Full Weapon Name: Bacteria Proximity Capsule

Damage: Light / Splash with Proximity

Speed: Medium

Range: Medium

After-effects: Bacterial Infestation


The Capsule resembles a 2-edged boomerang that spins as it heads out towards its target. We have reason to believe that the crust on the edges are actually biological proximity sensors. Fired primarily from the [Sirerian Bacteria Turret].

This weapon has a high area of proximity, where it can detonate from a significant distance. Its main weapon however, isn’t a bomb. Rather, it’s a biological device that breaks upon detonation, spreading vacuum-resistant bacteria out towards nearby targets.

Those that are affected will suffer a gradually from bacteria corrosion, where bacteria eats into the hull. Small crafts like fighters are more adverse towards the bacteria and may be destroyed as a result.

Larger starships will probably survive even the most lethal bacteria as its internal core is usually not breached but its main hull will be so heavily damaged, it’ll be close to death.

Smaller variants of capsules have been observed being fired from Sirerian Assault Frigates.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“This capsule is actually… a living organism. You humans won’t want to know what happens when it decides to blow up.”

Punisher Capsule

Full Weapon Name: Bacteria Spinal Punisher Capsule

Damage: Medium

Speed: Fast

Range: Medium-Long

After-effects: Severe Bacteria Corrosion


A variant of the bacteria capsule, the Punisher Capsule resembles an ice cream cone, but the contents are a mutated form of bacteria that is extremely effective in corroding the enemy’s hull.

Unlike the proximity capsule, the punisher capsule is a weapon targeted at specific individuals. Unseen by the naked eye, a spine is hidden within the centre of the cone. When it comes into contact with enemy hull, the spine penetrates deep into the target and injects the toxin into the victim, causing the crew to die from within.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“There’re injections and there’re injections, this is the latter…extremely deadly.”

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