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Standard Particle Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Standard Particle Driver

Damage: Medium

Speed: Moderate-Slow

Range: Medium

After-effects: None


The first generation of clean weaponry from the UNC. The particle driver is usually fired from starships capable of hosting their batteries.

A particle weapon works by disrupting the molecules of the target on impact. After which, the target’s armour is temporarily weakened, allowing other weapons to deal greater amounts of damage than usual.

As part of the rearmament programme, a smaller variant known as the Disruptor-class variant is being designed to fit into [UNC Bombers].

Disruptor-class Particle Driver

It’s known for a long time that [UNC Bombers] are generally useless after they’ve delivered their payload. Thus, a modified variant of the particle driver, designed to fit into small bombers was designed. The Disruptor-class particle driver projectiles takes on a slightly different appearance when it’s fired.

Unlike the typical comet-like shape, the Disruptor fires oval-shaped projectiles that doesn’t have any trails. Disruptor shots are considered to be very focused and powerful, inflicting a lot of damage for its size.

Bomber crews have reported seeing holes in their target structure being punctured as they conduct their attack runs.

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Heavy Mass Drivers

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Full Weapon Name: Heavy Mass Driver

Damage: Heavy

Speed: Medium

Range: Long

After-effects: None


Designed as a big brother to the [Standard Mass Driver], it’s the standard fore weapons being mounted on the [UNC Destroyer]. The Heavy Mass Driver, as the name suggests, have greater metallic mass and thus deals greater damage.

However, it’s also built with a small impact-triggered detonator which causes a small explosion whenever an enemy is hit by it. The explosion resembles a hit impact from a [Phoenix Missile] which can stun ship crews or even render them unconscious for a while.

Its appearance, other than its obvious larger size,  is almost exactly the same as the standard mass driver with the exception that they’re fired red-hot and slowly cools off as it leaves the firer.

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Incendiary Mass Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Incendiary Mass Driver

Damage: Medium

Speed: Fast

Range: Medium-Long

After-effects: Spot Conflagration


The incendiary mass driver was designed to deliver a morale crippling blow to the enemy. Coated with chemicals and materials that burn slower than usual, the expended rounds deal damage in 2 stages.

Firstly, when the target is hit, the round penetrates into the hull of the enemy ship. Though not armour piercing, its role is to create a groove for the next stage.

Secondly, once the round has disintegrated, it explodes its incendiary chemicals onto the target surface along with gases for combustion. The chemicals then ignite into flames, dealing damage on the spot of the target for a period of time.

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Vulcan Mass Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Vulcan-class Mass Driver

Damage: Very Light - Light

Speed: Fast – Very Fast

Range: Short – Medium-Short


The Vulcan-class family of mass drivers are designed for speed and interception, sacrificing damage as a result. Alike other Mass Drivers, the Vulcan-class Mass Driver is essentially a bullet in space.

There’re many variants of Vulcan-class Mass Drivers typically designed for different purposes.

  1. Vulcan-MD 12mm caliber
  2. Vulcan-LDC 5mm caliber
  3. Vulcan-Magnum 9mm caliber
  4. Vulcan-HMD 22mm caliber

Vulcan-MD 12mm caliber

Mounted on [UNC Light Fighters], the 12mm caliber gives the UNC pilots a better chance of inflicting significant amount of damage against their targets. However, it requires some skill and aim to hit with this caliber, a skill that the UNC pilots are guaranteed to possess.

Vulcan-LDC 5mm caliber and Vulcan-Magnum 9mm caliber

Mounted on [UNC Gunships], the 5mm caliber is much smaller, lighter and thus faster and able to be fired at a much higher rate of fire. Because of their extreme speeds, there’s little need to lead and aim at their targets. Almost 90% of shots will hit their targets. However, due to its caliber size, it deals significantly lower damage than the 12mm. Though, against fighters, it’s still a terrifying weapon to behold.

The 9mm magnum on the other hand is mounted on [UNC Interceptors]. Used as an intercepting weapon, the interceptors can aim and fire with a high level of accuracy.

Vulcan-HMD 22mm caliber

Mounted on older UNC ships, the 22mm was phased out for better technology such as the Particle Drivers. Even so, the 22mm deals the most damage at high velocity. A recent overhaul has seen it being mounted on some of the latest [UNC Interceptors].

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Standard Mass Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Standard Issue Mass Driver

Damage: Medium

Speed: Medium

Range: Medium


The Mass Driver is essentially a bullet in space.

Fired from capital starships, the Standard Mass Driver is a responsible weapon that burns out itself as it hurl towards its target. This is to ensure that expended rounds in space are cleaned up automatically without polluting the cosmic with stray rounds.

When a target is hit, the bullet disintegrates into a hot pile of molten metal, softening enemy’s hull over time.

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Plasma & Biological Weapons

 Warhead-based Projectiles

* Note: Artwork may not be the same as actual in-game graphics and may be subjected to changes without prior notice.

Outcast Stream Laser Turret

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Full Model Name: Outcast Stream Laser Turret

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Shields: Heavy

Weapons: 1x Disintegrator-class Stream Laser

Role: Multi-Role Defence Structure


Before things turned sour, the Outcasts once informed the NSAU Council of Foresight that the existing [NSAU Heavy Laser Turret] wasn’t sufficient to hold off an attack from a sizeable enemy fleet.

This was demonstrated in an NSAU naval exercise where 4 heavy turrets couldn’t even breach the combined shields of the exercise fleet. However, the Council remained adamant about the turret’s capabilities and ignored calls for a better Anti-Starship turret design.

When the Outcast finally broke off from the NSAU government, they’ve decided to design one such turret, hoping that it may save them from certain disaster one day.

The Disintegrator-class Stream Laser mounted on the turret is super-charged with massive amounts of energy to increase the firing duration of the weapon, thereby increasing the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

Unlike the [NSAU Heavy Laser Turret], it doesn’t appear to overwhelm the enemy, but it does in reality, deal a lot more damage that it appears. Due to its immense energy requirements, the Stream Laser Turret is immobile.


Outcast Micro Laser Turret

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Outcast Structures


Full Model Name: Outcast Micro Laser Turret

Armour: Light

Shields: Medium

Weapons: 1x Micro Laser Battery

Role: Anti-Fighter Defense Structure


Before the Outcasts turned against the NSAU government, it’s said that they had a major debate on whether or not to have an extremely precise weapon that is clean and powerful at the same time.

The Micron Laser and Micro Laser technology were designed specifically to stay within the tenets of Foresight. While destructive, it doesn’t cause unnecessary mass destruction.

However, the NSAU Council of Foresight were appalled even at the slightest idea of weaponry advancement. After the Outcast broke off from the NSAU government, one of the first things they did was to design a defensive micro laser turret capable of defending themselves against harassment from [NSAU Fighters].

Armed with the Micro Laser technology, it’s impossible for any fighters to avoid being damaged once it’s being targeted by the turret.

NSAU Heavy Laser Turret

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Full Model Name: NSAU Heavy Laser Turret

Armour: Medium

Shields: Medium

Weapons: 2x Heavy Laser Cannon

Role: Anti-Starship Defense Structure


As NSAU structures began to populate the space around Mars, it’s evident that there will not be sufficient ships to protect all key installations at the same time. However, even so, the NSAU Council isn’t willing to commit or commission more weapon designs or structures designed to protect against various threats.

An initial assessment revealed that the most likely threats will be from the Outcast Renegades who possesses advanced starships. Therefore, the Heavy Laser Turret is designated as the primary defence structure to protect NSAU structures from attacks.

The turret is mobile, allow it to be shifted to remote locations as required. However, it requires a substantial amount of power and usually needs a [NSAU Gravity-Power Generator] to accompany it so as to keep it powered.

The 2 Heavy Laser Batteries mounted are equipped with an advanced cooling system, allowing it to fire a lot more shots in a very short amount of time. Its firepower is more than capable of overwhelming the enemy, turning them to smithereens in seconds.


NSAU Space Dock

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Full Model Name: NSAU Space Dock

Armour: Heavy

Shields: Very Heavy

Weapons: None

Role: Ship Production Facility


Alike the UNC, NSAU also rely on a structure known as the Space Dock to build their ships. Production is depends on a nearby [NSAU Gravity-Power Generator] for power. Without it, production will come to a standstill.

However, unlike UNC structures, NSAU structures cannot be repaired.


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