Assigning Ships to a Fleet

Fleets need ships to operate. You could compose your fleet with ships or a mix of ships for a certain purpose. In any case, there’re 2 ways to add ships to a fleet.

Direct Assignment

Step 1: Select ships for the fleet


Note: As of now, my total command point usage is 13/24. When I assign these ships to my fleet later, the command point usage will change.

Step 2: Click on the Fleet Orders button join_fleet_button or press ‘L’.

Step 3: Click on the Join Fleet button or press ‘J’join_fleet_2a

Step 4: Click on the corresponding Fleet button to join.




Note: Notice that my command point usage is now 1/24? 

Once the ships have been assigned, the command points used by these ships will be transferred over to the Fleet Commander as well. On the top-left corner, you can see the fleet panel should - Fleet 1 (15/24). Therefore allowing you to expand your forces further with the next fleet.

Next – Fleet Commander’s Ship Request

As the battle progresses, you might find yourself overwhelmed by other tasks and might not be able to focus on reinforcing your fleets with more ships. Next, we’ll show you how it’s possible to do it automatically.

Next >>> [Fleet Commander's Ship Requests]

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