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In the world of Foresight, space is being interconnected by a series of wormholes that manifested due an anomaly event. Each "map" is no longer just a single area of space. Each area is now called a Sector. In a game, many sectors can be inter-linked together to form the battle space. Depending on the location and timing, each sector may shift location or reflect different locations since all celestial bodies are always on the move. Players have to explore different Sectors to determine its strategic worth and whether if it's suitable as part of the attacking, supply or movement route.

Wormholes are now known to be widespread across our galaxy. The true extent of this anomaly is unknown. We also do not know what sustains the wormhole and when they might collapse in the future. It is also known that the precious gas known as Promethane Gas seem to originate from these wormholes. We do not know where these gases came from but speculations indicate that it may be pulled into a "current path" of wormholes which incidentally comes into our own Solar System.



In Foresight, manufacturing is highly automated. You could quickly arm your fleets with fighters and bombers and expand your fleets very quickly with a strong manufacturing infrastructure, namely, an array of Shipyards. Harvesting is also automated completely in the local sector; you could automate harvesting in foreign sectors at your discretion as well.

Sometimes, it's not sufficient to rely on a single main base for ship production. Expanding your base can allow you to keep your enemies in check. A garrison of fighters can help patrol the area and offer some protection for key installations in the area. An expansion base can also help shorten the time needed for ship repairs, production and improve your economy.

Battle Plan


With the advent of Promethane Gas being the most valuable asset in the universe, each faction has devised their own unique methods of collecting, refining and processing them. Promethane Gas are spread across the universe and can sometimes is though to be transported gradually between wormholes from other nebulas or distant galaxies. Attrition is a realistic factor in all wars, although battles of Foresight are fought in space, it is of no exception. 

It's therefore important to create a strong economy to sustain your war efforts and form battle plans early, tweaking them by second guessing your opponents. They'll be out there predicting your moves too. So stay sharp!



Finally, you'll have to destroy your enemy in order to complete your victory. Simply defeating their fleets in battle will not be sufficient. In Foresight, every commander-in-chief will have a personal avatar residing in their respective command. If they're killed first, their navy will capitulate immediately. Thus, it's imperative to discover their location as soon as possible.

Field commanders can opt to assassinate their opponents directly and end the battle quickly.

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